Ruben Restrepo – Attorney at Law

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Ruben Restrepo graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a BS in Business Administration, and went on to graduate from South Texas College of Law Houston. He has been a member of the State Bar of Texas since 2019.


Before joining Sullo & Sullo, Ruben worked in the Finance Industry helping clients in retirement planning and investments with companies like JP Morgan Chase Bank and Merrill Lynch. Ruben also worked with his own private practice and represented client with Texas Probate as well as creating Wills and end of life documents. He also represented clients in criminal matters, and civil matter such as consumer protection, and contracts.


Now as a member of Sullo & Sullo, Ruben is excited to continue helping people with Criminal cases and Will, Trust, and Probate.


Education and Professional Background: B.S. in Business Administration, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Juris Doctorate (J.D.), South Texas College of Law Houston;


Admitted to Practice: State of Texas, 2019


    My Education Consulting will help you assess your business scenario and offer you advice on tackling the challenges, making use of the opportunities and growing your business.

    My Previous Jobs

JP Morgan (2009 – 2016)

Merrill Lynch (2016 – 2019)

Freelance Lawyer (2019 – present)     

My Successful Cases

City of Houston vs. Mahan

Missouri City vs. Adeleke

City of Pearland vs. Infante

What I Can Do For You

Estate planning is the best way to make sure everyone leave a legacy behind. Creating a will is not a simple thing, and it helps to have a guide. The Texas Estates Code gives a roadmap for lawyers, but map is hard to follow for regular people. I am here to help regular people achieve their goals. I can create a will so that upon your death, your wishes will be clear. I can create a trust to take care of those you love most. I can get you a Power of Attorney so that someone can handle your estate for you in the event of incapacity. I can create medical documents to give to physicians so that those you love and trust can make decisions for you according to how you would want it. I can help with transfer on death deeds to help avoid probate and transfer property as quick as possible.

Being accused of a crime is no small matter. The law wants to make sure criminals can be stopped in order to reduce crime. In order to accomplish this goal, the law give wide latitude to peace officers. Probable Cause is all that is needed to perform an arrest. An arrest leads to a bail hearing/arraignment. The hearing can lead to an indictment. An indictment can lead to a trial. A trial can lead to incarceration. The law states that you are presumed innocent. This means that the government has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty. The problem is that reasonable doubt has never been defined. You see that Probable Cause that got you arrested is less evidence than what is needed in probate court, which is preponderance of the evidence. Probable cause is less than what is needed to award title of property in a divorce, usually paperwork like a receipt, which is called clear and convincing evidence. Yet the level of proof needed to convict is greater than clear and convincing and preponderance of the evidence. If you didn’t know that, then remember that the jury is made up of your peers. That means they likely don’t know it either. My job is either to review the case, explain the strong points for you and the weak points for you, speak to the prosecutor, make motions to the court, all to get the best possible outcome to avoid trial.  If a trial is needed, then my job changes to instructing the jury to make sure that they make the prosecutor meet the burden of proof or find you not guilty.

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