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Anonymous Avvo questioner: I bonded my husband out of jail and last minute another county put a hold on him and now he is in that jail and waiting to go serve tdcj of course his court date for county I bonded him out on he will miss as he will be in tdcj and bond company still wants payment can I get a refund

Technically the husband is still “out on bail”. Many of these cases can last anywhere between 1-2 years. What you need to know is how much “time” does your husband have to serve. The county in which you bailed out the husband is important as well. Many counties are still allowing zoom conferences, and some courts are allowing the appearance of the defendant waived so long as the attorney shows up. Speak to an attorney or get an appointed attorney to see what the practice is in that county and court. The attorney is likely to ask for a continuance since the county is still gathering evidence.

You can ask for a refund, but you are not likely to get one since the bond company likely did all the paperwork with the court.

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