Is .02% meth enough for a felony charge?

“a witness call police saying there was people doing drugs n truck no one was in the front of the truck”

“My boyfriend’s truck died so he left to go charge battery it was a hot day we have no AC so if a person was tired and decided to lay in the back of the truck bed which is completely separate from the truck doors were not locked do not have the keys to the vehicle my purse was in the back seat and my phone was charging but the cord was going to the back seat with those reasons the my purse being in the car are those good enough reasons to arrest a person that was sleeping in the back of the truck because a witness says there was a female shooting up in the front of the vehicle a blond female I’m not blond they ran my name I had no warrants they search me no drugs on me no drugs in my purse but they said because I was the only one around the vehicle at the time it wasn’t my vehicle but they found a needle on dashboard of the truck they tested it it said it was not heroin that it was brown liquid which I assume that it would be blood but they said there was 0.2% of meth in the brown liquid can they charge under a gram when it was not a syringe full of meth it was a syringe with brown liquid I assumed would be old blood wouldn’t that be a paraphernalia ticket”

My Answer:

Your main question seems to be: wouldn’t drug paraphernalia, a Misdemeanor C, be the correct maximum charge? The answer is no. Based on the information you shared, meth was found. Meth is a controlled substance in which any amount will result in a charge that can lead to incarceration if found guilty.
It seems you provided a fact situation with the intent to ask whether the police were justified in the lead up to the arrest. What a lawyer will do is review the 911 call, then the body camera video to see if the police had reasonable suspicion to search the car. If the lawyer believes that the police did not have reasonable suspicion, then they have the option to file a suppression motion. If the judge finds there was enough evidence to allow a search then the case will continue.
Often during pre-trial, the lab results will come in before any media evidence. Your lawyer may not have enough to perform an evaluation. If they do, and they have gone over the evidence with you, then request another meeting to have them explain your options.

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