Setting up a business is hard. You can choose a name, then find out the name is taken. There is a lot of information out there that will guide you, but let’s be honest, all that searching is overwhelming. Instead of trying to find out what you need to do from a bunch of different sources, I will use my knowledge to help you setup the business. The difference is that I will go further than just registering documents with the state. I will help you setup a business account at a bank. Too many times I seen the same scenario: a business owner gets all the documents created, goes to the bank to open an account, then either does not have all the documents, didn’t create the Employer Identification number (Business Social Security Number), or just couldn’t answer questions about the business they own. (Ex. Is this Member Managed, or Manager Managed? Answer: Blank stare). Knowing the ins and outs of what is arguably the most important part of your operations (you know where you stash the cash) sets me apart from others.